7 Laws for Achieving Success in Life

7Success is such a broad concept, and everybody understands it differently. For some, success is having a beautiful family with kids, for others – it is having a high profile job in a big corporation, for others – it is traveling from country to country learning different cultures and having new experiences every day. It might be something totally different to you, and that’s okay. Whatever it is for you, there are 7 indisputable laws for achieving success in life. 

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1) Be confident 

It is simple, but not easy. Confidence is key to successful communication, decision-making, progress, achieving goals and following your dreams! Remember an occasion when you felt really really confident, as if you knew that whatever you did, you could not fail. Remember what you were hearing, seeing, feeling, and telling yourself in that moment. Remember your face expression, your body movements, your gestures in that moment. Step in that moment again and again, and move forward! And if it is difficult in the beginning, that is okay. As they say, fake it till you make it.

2) Be consistent

Consistency is what makes it or breaks it. You can have the best idea in the world but if you don’t follow up on it, or if you don’t move towards your goals every day, bit by bit, then you are moving away from your dreams. The results will be there. Keep showing up. Keep showing up. One step a day.

3) Focus on what you want

Focus on what you want rather than on what you don’t want. So many people keep repeating “I don’t want to have this”, or “I don’t want to feel that”. But when you ask them, so what do you actually want to have or do, they simply don’t know! What you focus on is what you get. Focus on the things you really want. Start with simple things: change your language first.

4) Trust yourself

We all make mistakes. Successful people make a lot more mistakes because they try many more things in life. Trust yourself to get back up on your feet again and again, and keep going towards your goals and dreams. Allow yourself to be perfectly imperfect and make mistakes. This is how we learn and grow, and, consequently, succeed in life.

5) Expand your comfort zone

All of us have a very strong need for certainty. On some level, all of us need to feel safe and protected, confident, and secure. Sometimes we get so caught up in the comfort zone, that it becomes increasingly difficult to get out there and try new things. Get yourself into challenging situations as often as possible. You don’t have to know the answers to every question but do your very best and you learn to rely on yourself. You will discover that you have everything you need to succeed already within you.

6) Take responsibility for your life

Once you take full responsibility for your success and failures in life, then you realize that you have all the power to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Make better choices. Not acting or giving up is also a choice.

7) Act!

Action is the main vehicle to success. Without action nothing would ever happen. In order to turn your dreams into plans you need ACTION. Be bold, be courageous, be consistent. Act.

Cheers to your success!!!

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful insights.
    You have a lot of wisdom but yet you are so young.

    Keep up the good work of enlightenment!

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