7 Laws for Achieving Success in Life


Success is such a broad concept, and everybody understands it differently. For some, success is having a beautiful family with kids, for others – it is having a high profile job in a big corporation, for others – it is traveling from country to country learning different cultures and having new experiences every day. It might be something totally different ... Read more »

7 Ultimate Steps to Surviving A VERY NASTY Divorce

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It was a beautiful spring evening, and I could smell the soothing aroma of jasmine and lemon trees through my window. The dinner was cooking, and I was enjoying a cup of tea, when the phone rang in the living room. My neighbour was crying on the other end of the line. She was going through a complicated divorce and felt extremely ... Read more »

Get Real, Eat Real

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In the words of Hippocrates, we are what we eat.  What do you nurture your body, mind and spirit with? Are you choosing the best for you? Or, are you just picking whatever comes your way? NO. Not good enough. The better food you choose for yourself, the higher is your productivity, the better your mood, the more interesting is ... Read more »

4 Essential Steps to Meeting Your Soulmate


I was walking along the sea very early in the morning thinking about the past week. I was fourteen years old, a rare combination of a free spirit and a studious perfectionist, and for the first time in my life I was in love, really head over heels in love. I was feeling totally lost and did not know how ... Read more »